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Partner with us

The Prince’s Trust have been working with Health and Social Care employers for over 10 years, helping to fill vacancies with young people who want to get into the sector.

We are now working on a four-year partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care to support young people into the sector.​

Using our channels, people and partnerships with local businesses and organisations, we are best-placed to communicate that a career in Health and Social Care is for the young people we work with.​

  • We are firmly established with a nationwide reach and local knowledge.
  • We provide pastoral care to those who are successful in their application.
  • We purposefully support marginalised groups to help our public services look and sound more like the local community so that they become anchor institutions.
  • Our programmes are carefully tailored to meet the needs of each Trust, in line with their values and focus on improving patient care.

We design our programmes to fulfil the vacancy needs of the employer partner. ​For some this might mean a programme which covers a combination of job roles such as Business Admin, Clinical Services, Customer Services, Digital, Estates and Finance. We can also run programmes for a single job role (e.g. Healthcare Assistants) if this is the main requirement. ​

All our programmes are created to give young people a real understanding of the sector and are supported by our fantastic mentor team as they go through our programmes and start employment. Working in this way helps to increase retention of employees.​

How do I get in touch?
If you have vacancies that you need to be filled, let us know! We’d love to help and have a pipeline of young talent who want to join your team!​

Email us on