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Popular questions

​Who are the courses for? Do I qualify?
Health and Social Care courses are available for any person aged 16-30. If you fit into that age bracket, you qualify.​

That is our age bracket because 16 years old is the legal working age and we categorise anyone who is 30 years old or younger as a ‘young person’. Prince’s Trust is a charity which supports young people.​

We want to help all young people into the right job for them, regardless of whether this is their first job or they’re changing careers. Because we don’t want to leave out any young person, we also have expertise in helping young people who require more support, whether that’s because of their life journey so far, mental health needs, or physical needs.​

What are the people who do Prince’s Trust courses like?​
They are just like you. There isn’t a particular type of Prince’s Trust person. Everyone who comes on our course does so for the same reason: they want support in getting into a particular job or sector. Many of the people who do come on our courses end up building strong, life-long friendships.​

What happens on the 2-3 day course?
You’ll be invited to join a ‘Welcome to The Prince’s Trust’ webinar where we’ll tell you about the support you can expect to receive from us and how our systems operate. This webinar will introduce The Prince's Trust and what you can expect from us before you start your main course.

Webinar Questions​

How do I join a webinar?​
You’ll be sent a link to the webinar and also the contact details for your local Operations Executive. If you have any problems with your internet provider, if you are ill, or if a situation occurs which means you’re no longer able to make the webinar, please contact your Operations Executive using the contact details provided.​

Can I join a webinar using my phone?​
You can join a webinar using any device which is connected to the internet. Please ensure you have the relevant app downloaded on your phone the day before the webinar, and test how to use it so you are prepared for when the webinar starts.​

Do I need to wear any particular clothes for the webinar?​
No, although please be aware that we encourage video calling as it makes it easier for us to engage with and respond to you.