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Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Explore a career path in I.T. and build in-demand skills with this online professional certificate developed by one of the world’s leading tech companies.

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Unlock your new career in IT Support

Enjoy solving problems? Think a customer service role might be right for you? Turn your interest in IT into a career path with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

This course equips you with the know-how and practical foundations to apply for entry-level IT Support roles. We’ll support you as you learn new skills, with group and one-to-one support available throughout your learning journey.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is a flexible 3-4 month online course that opens the door to specialist IT training and guidance to help unlock your future career. Learn at your own pace, get hands-on experience with professional software, and build the in-demand skills you need to secure an IT support role.

During your time on the course, you’ll explore what it takes to build a successful career in IT Support and learn how to use a wide variety of technologies to troubleshoot common IT problems. You’ll hear first-hand from industry experts who can offer you advice on starting your IT career, and get access to one-to-one support to help you make the most of your time while learning with us. 

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Central England


26-28 May 2021


26-28 May 2021


8-10 June 2021
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North of England


27 June-23 September 2021
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Northern Ireland


20-21 May 2021


25 May-31 December 2021
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5 July-13 August 2021
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London and the South of England


24 May-7 June 2021


24 May-7 June 2021


1 June-30 September 2021


7-18 June 2021


21 June-2 July 2021


2 August-31 December 2021
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Get the support you need to succeed

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate includes videos, interactive projects, quizzes and regular assessments to boost your learning. And, with The Prince's Trust, you'll also receive personal support to keep you on track and motivated. 

We’re here to help you throughout your journey and guide you on your path to success. While studying, you’ll be matched with a Prince’s Trust Executive who can offer you advice and support you as you learn.

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