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Our programmes

There's eight ways we could help you to achieve your goals - and we've put all the information in one place. Take a look.

We work with the 11 to 30-year-olds who need our help the most.

Our programmes

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Improve your employability with Mosaic mentoring

Explore a suite of accredited mentoring programmes which are run in schools by Mosaic; creating opportunities for young people growing up in our most deprived communities.

Explore your potential with Achieve  

xl club

Our new education programme, Achieveis a personal development course for 11 to 19-year-olds who are at risk of underachievement or exclusion. This course offers a practical approach to learning to help them fulfil their potential. 

Discover new talents with Get Started

Get Started

Get Started are short courses run by professional tutors in sport, music and creative arts for 16 to 25-year-olds.

Get funding to train and learn

Get funding to train and learn

We offer Development Awards (cash awards) for 14 to 25-year-olds to help make getting back into work, education or training even easier. 

Boost your confidence with Team


Team is a 12-week personal development course for 16 to 25-year-olds, offering work experience, qualifications, practical skills, community projects and a residential week.

Get experience with Get into

Get into

Get into is a short vocational course that develops young people's skills in a specific sector for 16 to 25-year-olds.

Support for starting a business with Enterprise

Support for starting a business

Our Enterprise programme helps unemployed young people aged 18 to 30 with support and funding to work out if their business ideas are viable and whether self-employment is right for them. Available face to face or through Prince's Trust Online, it's now even easier to become your own boss. 

Try something new with Fairbridge


Our Fairbridge programme works with young people aged 16 to 25, giving them the motivation, self-confidence and skills they need to change their lives.


If you're a parent, guardian or from an organisation who works with young people and would like to explore what support we can provide young people, find out more here

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