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Young Innovators' programme

Great ideas can come from anywhere. In fact, you might not know it yet, but you could have a business, invention or big idea. 

Young Innovators

Ideas often come from seeing the world a bit differently, spotting a solution to a problem that no-one else can see, or simply being open minded.

In 2017, Innovate UK and The Prince’s Trust commissioned YouGov to carry out independent research with 18 to 30 year olds who were not in employment, education or training, or who were in a form of insecure under-employment. The report explored attitudes towards innovation and entrepreneurship, and found that:

  • 2 in 5 young people surveyed (35%) have had ideas for products and services they think they could sell
  • 54% would like to run their own company
  • 82% view the business sector as difficult to access
  • Only 8% would describe themselves as entrepreneurial

Finding the country's best young innovators

In response to the report’s findings, Innovate UK launched a campaign in partnership with The Prince’s Trust to find the next generation of innovators because their #IdeasMeanBusiness. 

More than 12,000 people got in touch to find out more about the Young Innovators’ Programme.

150 attended 11 Innovation Live seminars across the UK and online, where they received innovative business advice and guidance on applying for support through the programme.

Twenty-four winners were selected from across the country to receive:

  • Tailored coaching and mentoring from an innovation champion
  • Funding to support developing their business
  • An allowance to cover living costs

Learn more about the award winners.

More opportunities for young innovators

If you weren't selected for the Young Innovators' Programme, or have only just come across this campaign, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to learn and develop your innovation. 

Sign up to Prince's Trust Online's Enterprise programme and try the Young Innovator's modules, which are full of business advice and inspiration.

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