As a civil servant, Jo has experience in communications, operational management and programme and project management. She was keen to use her skills and experience to help young people in London move forward in their lives.

Jo Cheeseborough

Jo came on board as a business mentor in January 2013 and is currently working with two mentees, including Demi Owoseje, who recently met HRH The Prince of Wales with Jo in Bermondsey.

We caught up with her to find out why she wanted to be a mentor and what her top tips are.

Why did you want to become a business mentor?

"These days education can be costly, and with youth unemployment so high, many young people feel lost. All young people have potential, but sadly, too many never have the right support and guidance to reach their dreams and create a successful life for themselves and their families.

"I've received coaching and mentoring in my career, and I realise the value this can bring, so I wanted to give something back. When I heard about The Prince's Trust business mentoring, it seemed the perfect fit."

How have you found being a business mentor so far?

"Mentoring is incredibly rewarding. I honestly believe that I get more out of it than they do!

I'm watching two incredible people go through this tremendous journey and can see them getting stronger and more successful each time we meet. It is an honour to be a part of that process."

What have learnt as a business mentor?

"I think the main thing you need to have to be a mentor is being able to add a bit of perspective. One of my mentees is so creative and she has some fantastic ideas, so it's making sure there's a balance there with the business planning too. It's also making sure you listen while at the same time giving them the space to sort out problems themselves."

What are your top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

  • Love what you do
  • Be ready for hard work
  • Never be afraid to ask for help

Feeling inspired?

Anyone can have a great business idea. If you're interested in setting up your own business, get in touch with The Prince's Trust and we could help make it happen.