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NESCAFÉ® Azera® Packaging Design Competition

NESCAFÉ® Azera® coffee tins on white background

Will your NESCAFÉ® Azera® coffee tin design win you £1,000?

Welcome to the NESCAFÉ® Azera® X DESIGN packaging competition!

The competition is open to young artists and designers, of all levels, working with The Prince’s Trust – from designers to doodlers!  

The brief for 2022 - UPCYCLE YOUR AZERA

We want you to create a design for a tin of NESCAFÉ® Azera® coffee.

NESCAFÉ® Azera® coffee is a super premium instant coffee, created to give you your favourite barista-style coffee at home. The brand is innovative, progressive, open-minded, and forward-thinking.

Last year, beautiful designs were created to uplift the nation’s spirits. This year, we want to encourage our consumers to upcycle their Azera tins.

We want you to create a design to go on a Nescafé Azera pack that encourages our coffee drinkers to keep their Azera tin once they have finished with it and reuse it to store other items. Use your design as an opportunity to also reflect what sustainability means to you. 

Each winning submission will be paid £1,000 for their design and everyone who is shortlisted will have the chance to work with a professional designer to craft their ideas and advance their design skills.

Whether you had a go last year, or are a first-time designer, if you’ve got a winning idea, we’ll help you craft it!

We will print five new tin designs in 2022 – which means there are five chances of winning!

Catch the full brief for this year's competition below:

or you can download a copy of the  NESCAFÉ® Azera® Competition Brief 2022 (pdf, 1mb)

Creative tips and resources

From downloading coffee tin templates to start doodling, to making a date with a creative art director for inspiration, visit our handy hints hub. 

Get started
Terms and conditions

If you're into the small print, we've made sure ours is visible. Check out the terms and conditions before you enter. 

Learn more

Time to get creative

Young boy in black winter coat with fur hood stood in street.

We want to see bright, eye-catching designs that inspire shoppers and coffee drinkers to take on their own challenges and pursue their dreams – it should make them feel like 'you can do this!'

Your design can be created in any media (digital designs, painting, drawing etc) – but please avoid photography. And keep in mind your final submission will be sent via email.

Your design needs to:

  • Feel encouraging and supportive
  • Immediately resonate with the coffee drinker
  • Give them a lift
  • Be an inspiring story or idea

Also, one important thing to note: please don’t suggest that coffee will wake you, or perk you up as we cannot legally mention it!

Tips to get started

Technical specifications

Your imagery should fit around the logo, flavour bar and text already on the tin.

We’ve created a handy template for you to use. All the white space is yours – everything else must stay where it is.

Download the template 

Who is the audience?

Young girl with pink hair sat on chair drinking out of mug.

Create your design for… yourself! (Or your friends, housemates, or partner.) The audience are young (aged 18-35) creative, coffee drinkers. They are open-minded and curious.

They love art and design and appreciate things they haven’t come across before.

What else do you need to create?

Alongside your design, you’ll need to submit a creative rationale – a paragraph that describes your idea and what you want it to represent.

If you’d like some help writing it, click here

How to take part

How long have I got? 

The 2022 NESCAFÉ® Azera® by DESIGN packaging competition is open from Monday 17th January 2022 until midnight on Monday 7th February 2022.

One last thought

Have fun, and make it genuinely uplifting for yourself. If you find it a joy – so will everyone else.

Good luck!