Prince's Trust policies

These are the March 2012 policies for all Delivery Partners working with The Prince’s Trust Team programme.

Policies update - May 2017

Please note the following Policies have been updated;

  • Confidentiality 
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Psychoactive substances 
  • Medical and NOK
  • Working with Ex Offenders 
  • Working with Young People with Mental Health Needs 

All Delivery Partners will continue to use their own policies, and these policies should at least meet the standards in The Prince's Trust policies which are given below.

Please find a summary document of the policies here (doc, 72kb) and a link to the latest documents here

If you have feedback on any of these policies please email the team

Self declaration for health & safety (HS)

The Trust has amended its SMSR process to include self declaration. Self declaration recognises the level of HS risk presented by activities associated with some programmes and good health and safety management practices demonstrated. Using The Trust's self declaration form, eligible Team partners can self declare annually that their safety management system (SMS) remain robust, reducing the need for The Trust to review.  If you're eligible for self declaration your Trust executive will inform you.

Legal highs

We are increasingly receiving reports relating to the use of legal highs by young people on Team. The Trust treats the use of legal highs on its delivered programmes in the same way as the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. This approach is taken to ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of young people. Team partners are encouraged to review their own policy and approach in this area, taking into account current information.

  • For the most recent information on legal highs see: FRANK.