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Your future, Your way

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Did you know that more than half of young women's mental health has worsened during the pandemic? Our Youth Index also reveals that two thirds of young women “always” or “often” feel anxious, which is significantly more than young men. 

That's why, we're continuing to grow our Women Supporting Women initiative to help young women, like you, access life-changing support and guidance.

Charlotte and Olivia are just two young women we've empowered to kick-start their careers in tech and healthcare. They've overcome challenges, regained their confidence and set themselves up for the future - making them role models for young women everywhere. 

Follow in their footsteps with our range of free programmes to match your interests - while developing your confidence and skills. 

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Charlotte Wilkins
Charlotte sat on office chair with desk in background.

The pandemic gave Charlotte, 28, from Manchester, time to think about the skills she wanted to develop in order to make it in the tech industry.

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Olivia Blackburn
Olivia, a young woman with dark hair and glasses, smiling sat on sofa.

After overcoming mental health challenges and a disrupted education, Olivia, from Dundee, is now thriving in the NHS.

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Meet Charlotte and Olivia

Over the coming weeks, you'll see more of Charlotte and Olivia on our TikTok, Instagram and Facebook channels. Give our content a like or share to inspire young women everywhere to create their futures, their way. 

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Our work with young women is generously supported by the Women Supporting Women initiative.