Luc’s anxiety and depression had left him out of work for over a year, struggling with the lack of jobs available during the pandemic. However, The Prince’s Trust helped Luc into work with Tesco and he says he’s now "a totally different person."

Luc, 19 from Tandragee, was out of work for 13 months after a bad experience on a work placement left him feeling low with anxiety and depression. This, alongside the lack of jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, left Luc feeling worried about his future and how he was going to pay his bills.

"I was studying a lorry mechanics course at college and got a work placement in a garage. But I faced bullying and things got so bad that I was actually sick with the anxiety and I had to leave.

"It was awful being out of work after that. My mum was so worried about me, she said she had never seen me at such a low point because I was depressed, and my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t leave my room.

"It was a horrible time. I had bills to pay for my car but had no money coming in, it just kept getting me more and more down. Then the pandemic began and I didn’t see how I was ever going to find work.

A friend of Luc’s told him about The Prince’s Trust Get into Retail programme with Tesco.

One of my friends did the programme previously. He had anxiety and no confidence at the start but at the end of the programme I was amazed at the change in him, that inspired me to give it a try.

"Part of the programme was online and it made me feel anxious just thinking about taking part, but when I was in the store on placement it gave me a new lease of life. Interacting with the customers has really boosted my confidence and at the end of the programme I was delighted to be offered a contract in store. It feels great to be working again.

If you look at me two months ago and me now, I’m a totally different person.