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Recite Me Tool Guide

Recite Me is a web accessiblity software that helps makes our website easier to access. Click the 'Try Recite' button on the website to bring up the Toolbar

Rewind to the previous paragraph of text

Green rewind icon

Click the Play button to read the text aloud

Green play icon

Skip forward to next paragraph of text

Green skip forward icon

Decrease the text size

Blue minus/ dash icon for decreasing text size

Change the font

Blue icon with upper and lower case letter a

Increase the text size

Blue plus icon to help increase text size

Change the background, text and link colours

Color wheel on a grey background

Enable the Reading Ruler

Yellow ruler on a orange square background icon

Change the text dimensions

Red icon with white lines in the center down the middle with greater than and less than symbols on either sides


Purple icon with outline of a open book in the center and a to z text below the book

Remove images and view in plain text mode

Green text mode icon

Highlight text then click to download as an MP3

Yellow MP3 icon

Translate the text into a different language

Grey icon with 6 different circle flags

Magnify what is on the screen

Grey blue background magnify icon

Adjust your Recite settings

Grey setting icon

User log in/out

Grey icon of white bust silhouette