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Success stories

Every day, our inspirational young people take the opportunity to change their lives for the better. We’re proud of the 870,000 young people whose lives we’ve touched over the past four decades. 

Why not take a few moments to read, share and celebrate with our real-life success stories? None of our work would be possible without our fantastic network of partners and supporters. Discover their key role in our success. 

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Young person in a pub

Young Person

Today, Adam is the first student to successfully complete the Get into Hospitality Programme and the Greene King Apprenticeship Programme

Young person

Young Person

Natasha completed a Get into Healthcare course, helping land her dream hospital job with the NHS.

Lucy and Coral

Young person & mentor

Lucy and Coral’s stories demonstrate the power of mentoring, on both young people, and mentors lives

Image of a young person

Young Person

Asher and her boyfriend were childhood sweethearts. Two years ago, her boyfriend was assaulted and their world changed forever. Asher turned to her love of poetry to get through the difficult time and with the help of Talent Match.


We've been working for ASOS since 2010 to support young people

Young person

Matt never gave up on his passion for BMXing and adrenaline fueled sports, instead he made it his business.

Young person

23-year-old Georgie raised awareness for visual impairment and created a successful business.

Young person

Arizona Brodie is a 25-year-old Aberdonian who has created the world’s first anti-chlorine moisturiser made almost entirely from natural ingredients.

Ben Jay

Young person

Read about 31-year-old serial entrepreneur Ben Jay’s meteoric rise.

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