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Success stories

Every day, our inspirational young people take the opportunity to change their lives for the better. We’re proud of the 870,000 young people whose lives we’ve touched over the past four decades. 

Why not take a few moments to read, share and celebrate with our real-life success stories? None of our work would be possible without our fantastic network of partners and supporters. Discover their key role in our success. 

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With 40 years of banking experience behind him, working with Lloyds TSB, David Roberts is a one-stop shop for business advice.

Young people

Young person

Ellen's Prince's Trust mentor helped her to regain her confidence after missing a year and a half of school due to illness.

Celebrate Success 2015 Emma Reilly

Young person

Emma spent 12 years crippled by an extreme social phobia. With our support, she overcame her problems and now runs her own business.

Fay Green

Young person & mentor

Several years ago, Fay, age 30, found herself homeless, jobless and broke whilst pregnant with her second child.

Francesca Brown, founder of Goals4Girls

Young person

Throughout her teenage years Francesca, 25, from Bromley, suffered from depression and lived and cared for her grandmother.

Freddie Spindler

Young person

Freddie, 26, from Edinburgh, has shown that with determination and self-belief anyone can turn their dreams into a reality.

Gina Moffatt

Young person

When Gina Moffatt was sent to Holloway prison for drug offences she thought her world had fallen apart.


Young person

Relentless bullying had driven Greig to self-harm. Tormented by his troubles, he had contemplated suicide - until an xl club changed his life.


The Prince’s Trust and Help for Heroes has helped more than 116 military personnel leaving the forces and 1,500 young people to date.

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