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Success stories

Every day, our inspirational young people take the opportunity to change their lives for the better. We’re proud of the 870,000 young people whose lives we’ve touched over the past four decades. 

Why not take a few moments to read, share and celebrate with our real-life success stories? None of our work would be possible without our fantastic network of partners and supporters. Discover their key role in our success. 

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Tottenham Team 9

Young people

A group of young people from the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London tackled a sensitive issue for their community project.

Antony Strode

Young person

Antony drank heavily and used drugs, but after a year of unemployment he realised things needed to change.

Callum Clements

Young person

Isolated from his peers and unable to medicate his ADHD because of his complex blood disorder, Callum suffered at school.

Connor Burgess

Young person

Connor was eight when he was excluded from school. To help him cope with a tragic family loss, he immersed himself into his education.

Francis Ondoro

Young person

Francis needed a helping hand. Years of feeling alone, added to bullying at school destroyed his self-esteem and led to depression.

Grace Prestige

Young person

A rebellious streak in her teenage years saw Grace getting involved with the wrong crowd, dropping out of school and leaving home at the age of 15.

Ryan Gerrard

Young person

Ryan, 23, Northern Ireland lost his confidence and social skills as a result of bullying, intimidation and harassment at school.

Stacey Fox

Young person

Before she joined the Make Your Mark programme, Stacey, from Wales felt like nobody would give her a chance and felt worthless.

Celebrate Success award winner Laine Esperanzate next to a brick wall

Young person

Laine became increasingly isolated from other people. She turned to our Team programme to seek purpose in her life.

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