We know that good mental health is so important. Our partnership with Gap over the past ten years has supported young people by promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through our partnership programmes. Empowering young people with confidence and skills to enter the retail sector. As part of #TimeToTalkDay we caught up with Warren to hear what wellbeing means to him.

Warren, Gap – Birmingham

“I'm now happy, healthy and live a really active life. I really couldn't imagine this would happen to me, and Gap have so much faith in what I can do. I feel great!”

"Before The Prince’s Trust I had spent two years unemployed, desperate to work, I was applying to over 150 jobs without ever being invited to interview – I felt like I could work, and constantly re-worked my CV, took part in various courses – but realised in the end that there was just no way I could make myself look good on paper.

"This really affected my confidence, I spent a while feeling low and that I wouldn’t achieve anything other than going round in circles.

"That was until I found out about The Prince’s Trust Get into Retail programme with Gap, and although wasn’t sure if retail and working in customers was for me as my confidence was still low – tried out the Taster Day!

"From there I took part in a work placement in the Gap NEC Resorts World store, and the team supported me so much there – it really wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. I was shown the ropes and really valued that the Gap team put so much faith and confidence in myself and the group to speak with customers, complete different roles and had the opportunity to gain so many skills!

"I was successful in securing a Sales Associate role following the programme a year ago and I haven’t looked back since! My confidence has grown massively, I picked up more and more hours and gained lots of skills completing a range of roles in store.

"What has been even more fantastic is two years on, I am now supporting new young people who are taking part in Gap programmes, supporting them at the Taster Day, through placements and prepare for presentations at their celebration events! Something so long ago I would have just not thought possible."

For anyone thinking about reaching out to The Prince’s Trust I’d like them to know that this is an opportunity for opportunities and anything is possible once you step through the door.