Having spent part of her early life visiting her brother in hospital and supporting other members of her family and friends with dyslexia, Asperger’s, ADHD, OCD and social anxiety, Vicki grew up with a unique understanding of how to communicate with people living with different communication methods.  

"At first university did not work out for me, but once I found a course on British sign language, I knew I had found my vocation in life.  Fast forward a few years and I had graduated, had two children and was working as a professional sign language interpreter to support my family."  

As a single parent life was hard, but I loved the challenge of balancing family life with earning a living as a British sign language interpreter for people in the deaf community.

"That’s when I went to The Prince’s Trust looking for advice on starting up my business, Sign Connect. My big idea was to create an app that would make documents accessible to all. By clicking on a QR code, a pre-recorded video would open and show a translation of the information into sign language, audio description and accessible subtitles."

The company is now up and running, my client base is growing and my family and I could not be happier.  

Vicki is our National NatWest Enterprise Award winner 2020. This award recognises young people who have overcome barriers and achieved success in creating a sustainable business or a community or social enterprise.

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