Uma Bashir is a Prince’s Trust Scotland volunteer and mentor, delivering our MOSAIC programme.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m originally from Manchester but moved to Glasgow just under two years ago. The move has been amazing as I love the outdoors and there is so much to explore in Scotland. For the last 14 years I’ve worked within the law enforcement sector and in conducting criminal investigations. Away from work, I love photography, interior design and flower arranging

Why did you become a volunteer and why did you pick The Prince’s Trust?

As cliché as it sounds I became a volunteer because I love helping others. I became aware of The Trust through a recommendation, attended the MOSAIC mentor training session and never looked back since. 

Mentoring at school was something that wasn’t readily available when I was at school and I found the level of support varied greatly from teacher to teacher. When I heard that The Trust offer a range of programmes for young people, whether it’s to get them into employment, set up a business or support them in education, it was refreshing and struck a personal cord. Mentoring for me is such a personal commitment to share my time, experience and knowledge in order to invest in the youth of tomorrow and share that journey of growth with them.

How do you support The Trust?

I am allocated a secondary school for a seven-month period where I deliver sessions alongside my fellow mentors. These sessions centre on teamwork, confidence, building resilience and employability. I am also a volunteer member of the National Steering Group which looks at ways to improve the way The Trust interacts and engages with its volunteers.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at The Trust?

The Trust is open to new ideas - I know that first hand as it has given me the freedom to use my creativity to try new ways of working. The Steering Group has been designed to help manage and improve relations with its volunteers which shows that The Trust not only takes on board the views of its volunteers but considers them an integral part of the organisation.

Do you have a favourite moment so far?

Within the first 15 minutes of delivering the very first ice breaker session for MOSAIC, a student came over to me and asked me about my career path and how I got to where I am today. It was at this point I realised my purpose within The Trust and remember thinking ‘wow these young people are really listening to us’. 

Finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself 😊

Despite not being great with heights, I’ve have climbed Ben Nevis, Ben A’an, and Conic Hill!