An article about a vandalised local nursery prompted 14 unemployed 19 to 25 year olds from Leicestershire, to pool their talents for the greater good. Most had faced numerous barriers; they were low in confidence and they needed inspiration.

The young people came across a story in a local paper about a local nursery that had been vandalised. The nursery is in a deprived area of Leicester. It looks after around 60 children, some of them with learning disabilities.

The group of young people, known as Team 105, were taking part in our Team programme, a 12-week course, delivered in partnership with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, which is designed to improve the employability prospects of unemployed young people.

A telephone call to the nursery set the wheels in motion and after conducting a risk assessment, Team 105 began to tackle the challenge.

Hoping to raise some funds towards the project, the team wrote to companies for raffle prizes and raised £550 to finance the project through activities that included a supermarket bag pack and sponsored walk.

Working rain and shine, Team 105 cleared the outdoor area, rebuilt fences, landscaped and planted the garden and demonstrated a real sense of duty to the nursery children. They even filled the garden with new toys and equipment and created a nature trail.

The project proved to be the making of Team 105, who grew in confidence and displayed high levels of commitment and determination to every Team activity that followed on the programme.

Each member of the group has gone on to pursue full time education, training or employment. One has been offered a childcare apprenticeship at the nursery.