"I’m an entrepreneur from South London and an Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. I grew up in an unconventional way. I moved to England when I was eight year’s old and went to primary school with limited English.

"I was bullied a lot because I didn’t have fluent English and it made me feel isolated and different from everyone else. I built a pretty tough character, and as I moved into secondary school, I wanted to be able to protect myself from bullies which resulted in me hanging around with the wrong crowd.

"One of the best things for me during this period in my life was that I had a love for basketball. It was truly my first love. I joined a basketball team which taught about discipline and working together in a team with others. My teammates were good, kind people and my coach was such an inspiration, it really enable me to stay on the right path, a path that others around me didn’t take. Basketball saved me.

"Although I struggled through education, I’d always been creative and loved fashion. So I worked hard and went to university to study fashion design and marketing.

When I went to university, being a woman of colour, and being from South London, I really felt like I was having a certain stereotype forced on me. I felt like I wasn’t able to fully express myself. All of this meant I didn’t leave university with the grades I had hoped for.

"Initially I struggled to get paid work and did a few internships to try and get the experience I needed. The fashion brands I was trying to work for didn’t really care for people like me. I was unemployed and trapped in a cycle I couldn’t get out of.

"By volunteering for social action projects to keep busy and positive, I met someone who had been supported by The Prince’s Trust and they referred me to the Enterprise programme where I began to explore my own business idea.

"I run social enterprise, a conscious fashion label - TASLIMA K - which creates awareness and educates on different social issues through fashion. Through this and my work as a Young Ambassador I get to work with young people and hope to be able to train and skill young people for my business in the future.

I think it’s important for people like me to be role models for other young people. Being able to be a voice by sharing my own experiences, listening and understanding what they’re going through, we’re able to create real change and impact lives.