However, with the current social distancing measures in place due to the coronavirus crisis, Anastasia’s plans have been put on hold.

“I reacted really badly when things stated to shut down. I was studying part time, and the ongoing University strikes were about to end, when all face to face communication from the University was suspended.”

“At first, I wasn’t leaving my bed, I wasn’t able to engage with University reading or my essays. I was just so sad at that time.”

Anastasia was contacted by Prince’s Trust Youth Support Workers, as she had previously attended the Enterprise programme, and a Get Hired Live event. Staff on the call were able to speak to the young people about extra support The Trust is able to offer at this time, and send information about employability opportunities available for them.

The reason I found this session so helpful was because it was the first time that I had actually heard someone’s voice on the phone, asking me how I was. Every organisation seems to be sending out emails to help you, but when you're drained you quickly run out of energy to read everything. Hearing their voices and seeing others on the call made a real difference for me.

For Anastasia, the priority is to find work. She is working with a progression mentor from The Prince’s Trust, who is supporting her to find a job that can cover her rent and other essential costs. Her part time job at a hotel has ended, and her dream to become a communications consultant is on pause as she is unable to attend networking events or meet clients.

“The general feeling is one of disappointment but I’m trying to stay positive. Having conversations with The Prince’s Trust has been really good as it’s taken me out of my head and helped me see different perspectives. My mentor has really good advice, and the university have been helpful. Just someone being there to speak to you and support you is amazing. I’m so thankful for The Prince’s Trust”.