Attending a Get Hired event in 2018, Zahrah realised that The Prince’s Trust could offer her the support she needed, so in January 2020, she got back in touch with The Prince’s Trust and asked for help. As the Covid-19 pandemic started, it was helpful for Zahrah to be in contact with The Prince’s Trust.

Zahrah has completed a Get Started with Product Design course and a Get Started with Customer Care, both of which have given her new skills and helped her on the path to employment. She is soon starting the Financial Times News School programme, recommended by her Youth Support Workers at The Prince’s Trust, which she hopes will give her confidence and further new skills.

Zahrah says, “Get Started with Product Design was an incredible programme. When I started, I was in a place where I had really lost all hope and I was unhappy in my life. Doing the course helped me, inspired me and I found I was capable of so much more than I knew. I felt like I had a plan again, and goals in place to achieve that plan.”

Sadly, after Zahrah completed the Get Started with Product Design, the Covid-19 pandemic started, and lockdown was enforced.

I just felt like I had been knocked off my feet again after it had taken me such a long time to stand. After a few months of feeling down and aimless I got back in touch with The Prince’s Trust and was told about the Get Started with Customer Care course. It helped me get back on track again.

Now, Zahrah is working towards starting her career and is building skills that will help her gain employment. She has also been matched with a mentor.

“Now I feel like it’s not all hopeless, and that there is a way for me to get a job and build a career. It has given me confidence, inspiration, and hope. I have learnt skills that I’ve needed to work on, such as interviews, which I have struggled with in the past. Now I feel more prepared and able to succeed in an interview. It has really helped guide me into planning my goals and taking the steps to reach them.”

“The Prince’s Trust has helped me believe in myself again. Before, I was at my lowest, where I felt like I was without options and going nowhere with my life. The Prince’s Trust has helped me create plans, goals, build skills and has opened doors for me that I never thought could be opened.”