I was sick of doing nothing. When I saw everything that The Prince’s Trust offered, I knew that this was the answer. There were so many options – it was the perfect way out for me. 

Rebecca completed a Get Started with Outdoor Activities, as well as Fairbridge and Team, before going on to a Get Hired employability day, where she interviewed with Gap. 

“The Get Hired day was massive. I’d never done an interview before. Even though I had done lots of preparation and mock interviews, it was still daunting. I was very nervous, but I managed to charm them! They offered me a second interview and I had a job by the end of the week!” 

Rebecca has now worked at Gap for over a two and a half years, at their flagship store. She didn’t assume she would want to go further than her local store, but she loved the buzz at the store, and she is excited to work there.  

“Working at Gap has given me so much confidence! I’m always being encouraged to push myself, and I feel so lucky and grateful to work somewhere that gives me opportunity after opportunity to develop myself and grow. I work with the most amazing group of people who make everyday so enjoyable! And I really love being able to support new employees, and help them to settle into the job and become part of our fabulous team. Being at work fills me with so much pride as I know I’ve had to overcome so much to get here - and now I finally feel like a have bright future in front of me." 

Rebecca has also become a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador, inspiring other young people and supporters about our work. From supporting at a BGC Trade Day, alongside Cheryl and Tim Peake, and speaking to the audience at Hammersmith Apollo and at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival and lots more – Rebecca has been a huge support to helping reach more young people.  

"I spent so many years feeling lost and like I would amount to nothing, now I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to!  It's not an exaggeration when I say that Prince’s Trust has changed my life. I'm finally happy!" 

Working with The Prince’s Trust helps you to uncover and see your full potential. They give you the opportunity to reach out of your comfort zone and gain confidence in yourself, and show you that your future is bright and hopeful.