“I was interested in working for the NHS, especially during the pandemic, but I didn’t find it very accessible. I didn’t know how to get into the NHS, it seemed that a lot of jobs were for registered nurses. Through The Prince’s Trust programme, it provided me with more guidance and helped me get a role in the NHS.”

“I work as a Welfare Officer for a nightclub, so I have a bit of background in caring for people. My mum used to work for the NHS too. I wanted to help people, especially while I am furloughed from my role at the nightclub. I love the flexibility of the NHS too – if I wanted to move locations, there will always be jobs in the NHS wherever I am.”

“The pandemic has definitely made me feel incredible anxious, especially financially. I live in a shared house and have to pay my rent and bills. It has been a big difference with only 80% of my income and it left me feeling anxious and a bit unsure about what was going on. It’s a really uncertain time for everyone.”

Morgan saw an advert for the Get into Health and Social Care programme on Facebook, and she applied there and then through Eventbrite. She says the sign up process was straightforward and accessible, much easier than applying for NHS roles any other way.

“Before the programme, I didn’t know what to expect so I was a little hesitant. The communication was straightforward and clear which helped to ease my nerves. It’s difficult to get your personality across on camera, but I have a background in acting so it was ok on Zoom. The format was so easy to follow and all the information was clear.”

Morgan enjoyed the format of the programme, especially the group debrief after the individual interviews, which you wouldn’t usually get in a normal interview. She starts her new role supporting the vaccine roll out next week, and as we’re chatting, her uniform arrives to her home.

“I’ve done my online training and start next week in a front of house role, welcoming people arriving for their vaccine. It’s nice to feel like I’m actually helping to get things back to normal.”

“Every single job in the vaccine rollout counts towards the whole effort, and I’m glad there are admin and front of house roles available to people like me who want to help but don’t have a nursing background. A lot of the role are voluntary which is wonderful, but a lot of people do need paid roles during the pandemic so it’s good these are available.”

“The Prince’s Trust have been incredible. They are so helpful with communication, sorting any issues and answering my questions. They have made the process easier and made me feel comfortable and confident in my own ability. Especially in the interview process, I felt empowered to talk about myself with confidence. I can’t recommend them enough!”