Mehrab has a science background and while she was waiting for the results of her Masters Degree exams, she wanted to do something to help within the NHS.

“Through my degree I have experience in phlebotomy (using a needle to take blood from a vein) and working with patients. I wanted to help and work while I was waiting for my results. I wanted to enrol in the vaccinator programme, which I plan to continue doing alongside work when I find a job. As long as the vaccination programme is running, I can help.”

Mehrab heard about The Prince’s Trust on Facebook, where she saw an advert for the Health and Social Care programme. She was sceptical at first, not knowing much about it.

I was not sure if I would get accepted onto the programme, but I thought let me just apply while I wait for my exam results. The staff gave me a lot of confidence and support and could help me get into the NHS, because it is hard to get into the NHS when you are applying.

“The process with The Prince’s Trust was actually really positive. I enjoyed meeting people from all different backgrounds, from different racial backgrounds and with different education experience. The variety was interesting and it was nice to see everyone was enthusiastic to help in any way they could.”

Now, Mehrab is working front of house at the vaccination centre, waiting for her training to become a vaccinator.

“The role advertised was for front of house, welcoming patients, but as I have experience and my education background, The Prince’s Trust supported me to ask about becoming a vaccinator. Now I am waiting for the training so I can administer the vaccine.”

“I would recommend for people to get in touch with The Prince’s Trust. If you can’t find what you are looking for, The Prince’s Trust have the opportunities. It’s not just NHS roles, there are other roles that you won’t even know – lots of hidden jobs. Why not apply? I got in touch and it got me into the programme. It does work, and everyone from The Trust is supportive and helpful. I had a positive experience.”