Following her personal experience looking after two elderly relatives with dementia, Lauren decided to set up her own support services business Farrow Friends after taking part in The Prince's Trust Enterprise programme.

Lauren’s business Farrow Friends, which she opened in 2017 with help from the Prince’s Trust, enables elderly people to live independent lives within their home and local community, while also helping to minimise isolation. Services include shopping, travel to appointments, cleaning and befriending.

The idea to open the business was prompted by Lauren’s personal experience of looking after two relatives with dementia. Following the birth of her son and overcoming an eating disorder, Lauren decided to formulate her plan to open her own business with support from The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme.

Lauren said: ‘I initially contacted The Prince’s Trust when I was 18 and remembered they were non-judgemental, kind and willing to help. I came back a few years later when I felt ready to start my business.'

The Trust gave me so much confidence, I was poorly before I came to The Trust due to an eating disorder and so approaching an organisation was scary, however they made me feel welcome and took me under their wing.

‘The Enterprise programme taught me the foundations of starting a business, which was relaxed and easy to understand.  My mentor was very knowledgeable. I also became a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, which enable me to share my story with others. A highlight as an ambassador included attendance at a Buckingham Palace garden party to celebrate The Trust’s 40th anniversary.

To be honest, I felt completely lost before I found The Prince’s Trust, but now I’ve found my purpose in life – raising my son and running my own business. They put me on the right track, helped me to believe in myself and my business and gave me a helpful nudge in the right direction.

Lauren will also gain additional support and mentoring this year from businesswoman and BBC Apprentice regular Linda Plant, due to winning a competition organised by The Prince’s Trust.

I’m so thrilled and excited to be mentored by Linda Plant as she has so much experience in the business world.

'I’d love to increase my team of four while also increasing the support I offer to the elderly across Lincolnshire and beyond. I’m keen to grow my business and move it onto the next level. It’s such a fantastic opportunity. The Prince’s Trust has played an important role in my life – I’m really grateful.’