Kate runs Soul and Sapphire, a handmade jewellery brand using recycled metals and hand-sourced gemstones from her travels. Every order is sent in recycled packaging and a tree will be planted to care for the planet. She was supported by The Prince’s Trust to start and grow her business.

“I started Soul and Sapphire in 2018 when I attended a four-day silversmith course in Hatton Garden then attended the Explore Enterprise Course with The Prince’s Trust. I absolutely loved it – my sister had recommended it to me, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

“After the four-day course, I bought all the things I needed and set up a little home studio, making everything I could and selling to my friends and family who were kindly buying all my jewellery. I also worked with a mentor called Charlie, he has been absolutely amazing. I even met the Crown Jeweller through The Prince’s Trust!”

“Until the Covid-19 pandemic I was working different jobs, but when my fixed term contract ended in May 2020, I decided to go full time on Soul and Sapphire. It was scary, but I left my full-time job with two months’ worth of full time work already lined up. That same week I got my first engagement ring order and had five or six bespoke order requests every day.”

“Lockdown actually helped me grow the business as I could focus all my time and energy. I work in a summerhouse in the garden, so it kept me sane during the pandemic. The creativity, the focus, talking to all my customers, it’s been incredible!”

Currently, I do everything myself. At some point in the future, I’d love to design pieces and have them made for me. Still handmade but then I can focus on bespoke engagement and wedding rings. When I wrote my business plan in 2018 with The Prince’s Trust, I had all these goals and I’ve already achieved them! I dreamt of being where I am now. So now what? It’s time to move the goalposts and dream new dreams!

Aleisha got in touch over Instagram as she wanted to build her portfolio as she moved into freelance videography. The video she has produced is just so beautiful.”

“The opportunities with The Prince’s Trust are the best thing ever. I can’t thank The Prince’s Trust enough; I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help and support. Even now, three years on, it continues! There are still opportunities coming up, I’ve redone courses to refresh my knowledge and I’m learning new things all the time. It’s amazing.”