“Before The Prince’s Trust I was in college studying construction, which I didn’t enjoy or want to do forever. I was applying for jobs but never getting past the interviews.

“I grew up watching TV shows about superheroes, and I even wrote my own comic books which I acted out with my friends when I was younger. I’ve always been passionate about creating, and I knew deep in my heart I wanted to do something to do with TV.

“I had no idea how to get into the industry though, and I felt insecure looking for work in that area because of my dyslexia. I felt like I was going to be stuck and not amount to anything.”

Joe reached out to The Prince’s Trust for career support, who suggested he take part in their first ever Get Started in Product Design programme with Marvel. Joe gained entry-level experience in product design, with guidance and mentorship from Disney designers, marketers, and retail teams.

“The programme was an amazing opportunity to get creative, develop career skills and it helped me grow as a person. I’m more comfortable presenting my ideas and speaking to new people now, which I couldn’t do before. The experience was phenomenal.”

After completing the programme, Joe was paired with a mentor from Disney to help him start his career in the media industry.

“My mentor has gone out of her way to help me – she’s been tremendous! She has supported both my career and my personal development through her advice. Mentoring also helped me land my first job in TV working as a runner at ITV. The role was a great start to my career, I learnt so much about the industry and I built lots of skills.

“Now, I’ve been accepted into a 6-week media training course which will help me work towards my goal of becoming an apprentice or trainee on a TV show. I want to continue pursuing my dreams of creating and producing TV and films, especially where I can play a role in inspiring the next generation.

“The Prince’s Trust has helped me so much. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for direction or who doesn’t know what to do with their lives. Without this support I would have been at a dead-end and unsure of how to progress.”

“I want to say to other young people, if you see an opportunity like this – go for it and don’t give up! The Prince’s Trust have so much to offer and you will have the best time on their programmes.”

One year on from the Get Started in Product Design programme, the Marvel product collection that Joe helped design on is now on sale across Europe.

“I’m proud of this whole journey with Marvel and I’m proud of what I’ve made. Seeing something grow from an idea into a real-life product has been very special.”