As one of the largest delivery partners of our Get into Retail programme, TK Maxx have now supported over 1000 young people to develop their skills and confidence, with 70% going on to get jobs in store. We caught up with Ifthikar, TK Maxx's latest recruit, who recently completed our programme in London to find out more.

Before The Prince's Trust, Ifthikar was desperately searching for a job. However, having had no luck in being offered a role he signed on to his local job centre. It was here that he found out about The Prince's Trust and signed up to the four-week Get into Retail programme with TK Maxx.

As part of the programme Ifthikar was buddied with store associate John, who also completed Get into Retail with TK Maxx back in 2017. Having John as a buddy caused Ifthikar's confidence in the role to grow and gave him a safe and supportive environment to learn. Michelle Arnett, Ifthikar's store manager said, 'I remember walking across the shop floor, looking to my right and there he was in the Menswear Department and I thought he was one of our associates, I didn't recognise this young man who after just a few days had changed so much.' 

Last year Ifthikar was involved in a traumatic incident which changed everything, and he was going through an incredibly challenging time as a result. By taking part in The Prince's Trust programme with TK Maxx, he has been able to learn lots of new skills and move forward into a positive future.

I would 100% recommend the programme with TK Maxx to other young people, in fact I've already referred two of my friends. Working with TK Maxx and the way I have learnt about the job has been so much fun and I've really enjoyed it. Something I would say to other young people based on this experience is whatever opportunity you have take it, don't take it for granted and put yourself in a place where you can see change and see yourself in a better place.

- Ifthikar Ahmed

Ifthikar has now secured a permanent role at TK Maxx and hopes to progress his career within the company. He would also like to be able to support other young people taking part in the TK Maxx programme next year in the same way as John supported him.