“I had decided that I no longer wanted to pursue a career that didn’t fit my personality. I’m naturally a creative person, and I decided to take a leap of faith and create and sell art online. With The Prince’s Trust’s help, I finally had faith in myself to keep going, even though it meant a couple of months of not knowing when finances would come in.”   

During this period, Hannah went on to complete The Prince’s Trust Get Started in Product Design with Marvel programme which harnessed her creativity and boosted her skills in design and marketing.

“Being part of the Marvel programme was definitely an eye opener. Not having a university degree or experience in product design, I never thought I would be able to say I designed a product, let alone a whole product line for a well-known brand. Most importantly, my confidence increased and the experience pushed me to keep taking steps towards a career I can grow in whilst loving what I do.

“I wanted my designs to allow women to show off what makes them feel powerful. Although there are parts of the jumpsuit representing the amazing Women of Marvel, the base colour is white, allowing women to adorn her suit with accessories that make her feel like a legend. The jumpsuit comes with a cape which is optional or can be turn into something else - such as a head piece - that represents her own culture. I’m excited to see the products we designed brought to life!” 

Hannah was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety not long before finding The Prince's Trust, and says:

“The Prince’s Trust helped me realise that life doesn’t need to be static. They helped me believe in life again and that the future doesn’t have to be determined by past decisions. I believe in a brighter future, and I hope to someday help young people who felt hopeless like I once did.

“I've recently started a role as a member of the Marketing team at Publicis Media which was my original goal; to break into an industry willing to take a chance on my passion and creativity, as I keep discovering and nurturing my entrepreneurial mindset and discover a fulfilling career path.

“I’m unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Marvel and shopDisney collaboration. I’m excited to see what opportunities this project will bring for the future, and I’m grateful for the amazing friendships I got to form. These are memories I will cherish forever!”