When the pandemic first hit, Feyi started looking for coping strategies to help him decompartmentalise. He was determined to continue learning and he attended a one-off workshop, “How to get into the TV industry with All4Media”, organised by Prince’s Trust partner Iconic Steps.

I was feeling overwhelmed both by the pandemic and by the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter conversations that grew from that event. I needed to find a way to create some headspace and reconnect to regular life. Additionally, it seemed like the pandemic had demolished the film and creative industry, which is where I wanted to work, so I was trying to find my next step.

“I had been working on various creative projects which involved liaising with industry professionals in film, sound and music and I was looking for film-related projects to get involved with. I didn’t know what to expect before attending the workshop. It turned out to be a great way of talking things through and it was nice to be able to come together as a group, have someone there to listen and to learn about other people’s coping strategies.

The programme also helped me build my resilience when it comes to the job-hunting process. It made me feel determined not to give up and it taught me the importance of giving yourself a mental break and space to decompress. I’m still working on film projects and released a film about coming out of lockdown in December. I’m going on another course soon to learn what it means to be a film producer.

“The Prince’s Trust came at a pivotal time and provided me with the connections, tools and advice to get closer to pursuing my dream of working in film. To anyone considering getting involved with The Prince’s Trust, I’d definitely recommend seeing what they have to offer. You don’t know where it might take you.”