Who is your favourite Marvel character?  

It’s a very difficult question. I can’t choose just one so it would have to be a tie between Felicia Hardy, Peter Parker and Frank Castle. 

What were you doing before The Prince’s Trust 

Prior to the Prince’s Trust programme, I just made the leap from working in Mental Health Law to exploring more creative endeavours. I had previously studied Law and the desire to shift career paths was prompted by extensive reflection at the start of the pandemic in 2020. I had been working at building up my own small business creating accessories and homeware from resin.  

I had always had an interest in product development and marketing, but the programme cemented my desire to carve out a career path in this area. 

How would you describe your experience taking part in the Get Started in Product Design with Marvel programme? 

This was an amazing experience and an incredible opportunity, especially as it combined two long-standing passions of mine - Marvel and product design. I really enjoyed being involved in the Prince’s Trust programme and felt very supported by the Prince’s Trust staff. I felt that my creativity was encouraged and that The Prince’s Trust staff truly believed in my ability. 

What inspired you to design your product for this Marvel collection? 

I began my design process with the desire to create merchandise that would appeal to and reward existing fans without alienating those that were either new to Marvel or not so keen on brighter colours and bold prints. 

I was initially inspired by my own style, which determined in part the colour palette and silhouette of my designs. On a personal level, it was also vital that my products were made using soft, comfortable materials to account for those with autism and other sensory differences.  

After creating mood-boards, customer profiles and comp-shopping, my design drafts began to take shape. I drew inspiration from vintage American sportswear and varsity style clothing, such as baseball shirts and letterman jackets. This, I thought, tied in perfectly with the Avengers ‘teamwork’ theme. 

Has working with The Prince’s Trust helped you in any way? 

I did face some challenges prior to signing up to The Prince’s Trust, primarily that I was unsure of which career path to take. Working with The Prince’s Trust was a great help in establishing what I wanted to pursue as a career. 

What have you got out of the Disney mentorship experience?  

I have been a part of the mentorship programme with Disney, which has been a wonderful experience. My mentor has provided me with so much incredible advice and helped me enormously to push myself and develop the tools I need to properly sell myself / my skill-set and feel confident in doing so. It has also been a great opportunity to build a working relationship with somebody I look up to so much. I really look forward to my mentorship meetings and will be sad to see these draw to a close, as it has been such a beneficial and interesting experience. 

What are you looking forward to most next and what are your aspirations for the future? 

I am most looking forward to being able to see my product in person in the Disney Store and on shopDisney and being able to share this accomplishment with the people that I love. I am also looking forward to building my portfolio with the addition of my designs, and pursuing a career in this field. 

My future aspirations are to build a career in Product Development or Marketing, and to use this new career path to combine the skills I obtained on the Prince’s Trust course with my existing passion for disability inclusion. 

At the moment I'm working as a SEND Learning Support Assistant. Helping teenagers/young people access learning. I'm also looking to move into marketing. 

Finally, can you describe what this product collaboration with Marvel and shopDisney means to you?    

As somebody with a passion for both Marvel comics and product design, this was a dream come true. It is certainly not an opportunity I ever thought I would be fortunate enough to be involved in, and I’m thrilled that it is something I have been a part of! It was fantastic to learn so much about design and marketing (and so much more) at Disney under the guiding hand of so many aspirational career role models and utilise this experience to craft my own designs. The experience I had working on this product collaboration is truly unparalleled. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

The Get Started in Product Design programme has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would recommend to anyone with a passion for product development and Disney/Marvel. I can’t thank Disney and The Prince’s Trust enough for providing such a great opportunity and I am so excited to see the products launch!