Who is your favourite Marvel character?  

Black Panther 

What were you doing before The Prince’s Trust 

Before coming onto the programme I was unemployed because of the pandemic so was just spending time at home. I was unsure of what I wanted to do and then saw opportunities with The Prince's Trust. I did the Explore programme, which is all about personal development and then took steps to do the Get Started in Product Design with Disney, which seemed really creative and fun! 

How would you describe your experience taking part in the Get Started in Product Design with Marvel programme? 

I thought that the programme was super cool, I think just the fact that I was working with designers from Disney was amazing! I got to learn a lot about the different parts of the product design process, I really enjoyed sketching and playing around with colour. My teammates were also cool and good to work with. I think a highlight moment for me, was being told by a designer that my sketches were good, it made me feel very happy and like I was great at something. Thanks to The Prince's trust, I would have never got involved in a lot of the things that I am into now so being part of The Prince’s Trust is very special to me. 

What inspired you to design your product for this Marvel collection? 

I was sketching a lot of different designs on the course, it was a really creative environment and my ideas just kind of came together. I think the inspiration was from the colour options that we got to play around with and just the freedom in sketching throughout the programme. I worked together with the women of marvel team to make sure our designs all matched, and we really liked the silhouette theme. I initially thought that the silhouettes of the women of marvel was a bit too much to have as a pattern on my dress, so I adapted the logos for each hero, which then created a colourful and repeating pattern. It was simple yet really stood out. 

Has working with The Prince’s Trust helped you in any way? 

Before signing up to the Prince’s Trust, I was homeless for 5 years so that was very difficult. I couldn't go to university or work at that time because I didn't have a stable base. The Prince's Trust gave me something to do during the week and kept me building skills and motivated and connected with a group of people. 

What have you got out of the Disney mentorship experience?  

My mentor has been so helpful during the programme, she has helped me cope with new situations at University. So, we go through week-by-week situations that I find challenging and she helps me to break it down and make it more manageable. 

It helps having someone to talk to every week so I am not overwhelmed by everything that is going on around me. My mentor is really calming and has experience with supporting anxiety, which has been super helpful.  

What are you looking forward to most next and what are your aspirations for the future? 

I am excited to continue with my illustration course at the University of East London. This is my first year and I feel so ready and supported to do it! My dream is to complete my illustration and get a career in that field. 

Finally, can you describe what this product collaboration with Marvel and shopDisney means to you?    

Its a huge opportunity to showcase my creativity and work to a large international audience.