Who is your favourite Marvel character?  

Black Widow 

What were you doing before The Prince’s Trust 

Before The Prince's Trust, I was unemployed during the pandemic. I was freelancing and looking for a new job. 

How would you describe your experience taking part in the Get Started in Product Design with Marvel programme? 

Amazing! I loved every day of the course. As a product designer, I often look at user experience first and develop an innovative solution to simplify the user journey. With Marvel, the product was luxury orientated, so it was more important for the design to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable using good-quality materials. This allowed me to dwell deeper into the “form follows function” design principle. 

What inspired you to design your product for this Marvel collection? 

Inclusivity, diversity and empowerment is a core aspect of our team brand. We decided this after a series of discussions on how the Women of Marvel affect the way we view others and ourselves. I personally was focused on inclusivity - our range should be suitable for all consumers and should feel powerful and confident when they use our product range. 

Has working with The Prince’s Trust helped you in any way? 

I have always struggled with confidence and getting my ideas across. The Prince’s Trust did a great job with the ice-breaker exercises and planning out the design timeline because when the time came to contribute I found that I was able to easily express my design ideas. 

What have you got out of the Disney mentorship experience?  

Yes, Suzy has been an amazing mentor. Two weeks in and we have started building on voicing my opinions, improving my CV, Cover letter and portfolio, and applying for jobs strategically. 

What are you looking forward to most next and what are your aspirations for the future? 

Seeing my designs in the Disney store! 

I hope to achieve my dream role on a more permanent contract. I recently completed a six month Kickstart programme as 3D CAD Designer, working with wound dressings and stents in the Med Tech industry. 

Finally, can you describe what this product collaboration with Marvel and shopDisney means to you?    

I can finally create a product not just as a prototype (as I am used to) but having the product mass-manufactured reaching the public and this being represented by Disney, Marvel and The Prince’s Trust. It’s more than what I could have ever imagined for myself and has taught me to always dream big. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Thank You to everyone involved in this project. Though it was only a two-week course it is a life-changing experience. On top of that, the six months -the mentorship has helped me practice interview skills, make my first business cards and practice introducing myself to new people. I've gained new connections and Suzy has helped me to be confident and find myself. Suzy has helped me so much, there's so much to say I could write a book about it!