Who is your favourite Marvel character?  

Iron Man 

What were you doing before The Prince’s Trust 

I was looking for graduation jobs and was unemployed since graduating in 2019. 

How would you describe your experience taking part in the Get Started in Product Design with Marvel programme? 

It was a really fun experience and a whole new learning curve. I gained a lot of information and confidence with the programme. I loved designing the products and getting feedback from some of the professional designers at Disney that do the job day to day. A highlight for me was seeing my products admired by the designers, it was great for my self-confidence as sometimes I doubt myself. It was really special and self-motivating. The Prince's Trust is like a little family, it’s a great place to socialise and make bond with people from different ages and different backgrounds. 

What inspired you to design your product for this Marvel collection? 

My inspiration for designing the notebook came from my own personal love for vintage and antique looking things. I personally like more neutral colours, such as browns and nudes. So started with these ideas. I also based my inspiration on the things I have already seen in the Disney stores, For example, I know Disney is marketed to younger audiences, and I thought why not go and appeal to older audiences and go for something more classy but still attracting marvel fans. Where working people can express their love for marvel and their products without seeming childlike. 

Has working with The Prince’s Trust helped you in any way? 

I was pretty depressed with life, both personally and professionally. I had been looking for Jobs since 2019 and I gave up during the pandemic due to the amount of rejections. It was a difficult period for me. Working with The Prince's Trust has boosted my self-confidence and it’s made me realise that I enjoy a lot of the creative side of things. It's made me go back into my past and made me realise my passions and that it is possible to interweave this into a future career that I am happy with. 

What have you got out of the Disney mentorship experience?  

Yes I have. I have built a strong bond with my mentor Hannah. I have gained a lot of skills, in terms of interviews and ways to tackle self-doubt. The sessions with Hannah have been so positive and have really made me start to believe in myself and that I can tackle the professional world and the problems that come with it. She has been really supportive of my mental health and it made me realise that it’s not just a mentorship programme, she someone that I can rely on and trust. She is an amazing support system. 

What are you looking forward to most next and what are your aspirations for the future? 

I am super excited to see the products in store and on the website. My aspirations are to build my own portfolio and do creative projects. Eventually, I want to move into a creative field for work, where I can fulfil my passion for design. I’m excited to share that I’ve secured a role as IT Analyst at Warner Media! 

Finally, can you describe what this product collaboration with Marvel and shopDisney means to you?    

This whole project is very special to me, it’s something that I could have never imagined. It is one of the biggest achievements in my life and I am very grateful for this opportunity that The Prince's Trust and Marvel have given me. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

I just want to say thank you to The Prince's Trust and Disney for this opportunity. I hope this carries on for future young people.