Aisha decided to pursue a career in the NHS and found a role as front of house staff in the vaccine rollout.

“Hospitality is an unpredictable area to work in and I needed to find something more stable. I was looking at getting a nursing degree, but I didn’t have the grades needed for an access course degree. The advert for The Prince’s Trust popped up on Facebook and I thought why not, it seemed the easiest way to find a job in the NHS.”

“A lot of my boyfriend’s family work in the NHS, and I know they always need more staff. And of course, we could all see over social media that people were struggling and I just wanted to help.”

Aisha had applied for jobs in the NHS before and had struggled to get her foot in the door. She saw jobs that needed experience which she didn’t have, and she really enjoyed the Get into Health and Social Care programme and getting to know people better.

Without The Prince’s Trust, I’d still be in the hospitality sector. Originally it was a go-between job after college but then I was still working in the sector 7 years later. Working for the NHS is now what I want to do, and what I want to stick to. There is room for progression and a whole career.

Aisha is now working as front of house at a vaccination centre. She’d really recommend The Prince’s Trust programme to people looking for a role in the NHS.

“You miss 99% of the chances you don’t take!”