When he was told about an opportunity with The Prince’s Trust to join the Get into Railways programme with South Western Railway, Ashley jumped at the chance to get involved. He excelled on the programme, but sadly was not offered employment at the end of the programme with SWR.

One of the staff members at Highbury College, who ran The Prince’s Trust’s Team programme, knew that Ashley had struggled with the interview process, and decided to offer Ashley a place on the Team programme. He knew that Ashley had so many skills that just needed fine tuning.

During his time on The Prince’s Trust Team programme, Ashley was motivated and dedicated to improving his employability skills and gaining further knowledge and experience with the railway. He had a clear goal and worked hard to arrange a two-week work placement with the railway using his contacts and previous knowledge.

He also improved his teamworking skills during the 12-week Team programme, taking each activity in his stride and confidently working well as part of the team.

For his work placement, Ashley worked part-time as a Gate Line Assistant, which involved assisting passengers, making train announcements and improving his already impressive knowledge of how the railway worked.

These skills helped him work well on the rest of the Team programme too, as he influenced others with his professionalism and hard work. Ashley’s Team Leader Sam Oakley said: “Ashley was a pleasure to work with. If I could work with Ashley for another Team programme, I would grab the opportunity with both hands”.

Following the Team programme, Ashley has been offered a position with South Western Railway as a Gate Line Assistant – a dream come true. He has made the most of the opportunity and is an inspirational employee.

He worked hard to achieve his goal of working on the railway, and now Ashley has the job he has dreamed of, he will continue to excel and work hard during his career with the railway.

Ashley said:

It has always been a dream of mine to work with the railway. I knew I would stop at nothing until that dream was achieved, and I’m so proud of myself now.