Stephen, 27, from Barrhead, began working with The Trust in 2019, but felt he had to take a step back to focus on his health.

A year later he contacted The Trust again – he was keen to access support and believed he was now ready to work on his personal development.

From the minute Stephen began to engage with his keyworker, it was clear he was committed to developing a healthy routine during lockdown, but that he also wanted to spend time with other people and find a positive way to deal with any boredom.

A plan was created so that Stephen could take part in online sessions in Managing Feelings, Communication Skills, Working with Others and Healthy Lifestyle.

Stephen was also able to take part in some face-to-face work over the summer when lockdown had eased a bit and found getting out and meeting the staff and other young people a huge help.

Over the last few months, he has also worked on how to manage his time effectively and is now concentrating on gaining a Personal and Social Development qualification.

I was buzzing when I did my first session – I loved it and couldn’t wait for the next one. I have really enjoyed being back at The Prince’s Trust. As much as I get anxious about meeting new people once I do, I enjoy it.
“I always put my camera on and I’m happy to speak or even take the lead when needed. I’m excited about my next steps and feel I have turned a corner to a better future for myself. I’m now confident I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.”