Stephany struggled with job applications due to her dyslexia, and her low confidence meant she developed a fear of interviews. But during lockdown when she had little structure to her day, she decided she wanted to use the time to prepare herself for getting back into work.

Reaching out to The Prince’s Trust, Stephany from Glasgow, had conversations with her dedicated keyworker which helped her to make a plan outlining what she wanted to focus on. She started attending The Trust’s online Personal and Social Development sessions and then moved on to focusing on Employability. It soon became apparent that Stephany’s fear of interviews was holding her back, so she was referred to The Prince’s Trust in Glasgow’s inhouse counselling service Mindset, to work on her confidence in different ways.

Lockdown was hard, but I decided I would use the time to improve my confidence, especially when it comes to meeting new people, and to work on my interview skills. I really enjoyed the online sessions and found them useful.

“The main thing I took away from the sessions was that it’s important to break down my life goal of becoming a Computing Engineer into smaller steps. I know that first I need to work on my CV and cover letter, then research college and university courses. This has made it more manageable and now I feel motivated to achieve it whereas before it felt impossible.”

As well as participating in the online sessions Stephany also received one-to-one support with her CV and cover letter, getting personalised feedback on how to make these as attractive to employers as possible. Stephany had never had any support like this before and she found it eye-opening to learn more about how to emphasise her skills and work experience.

Now that Stephany has an up-to-date CV and cover letter that she is proud of, she feels positive that this is going to enhance her chances of getting a job and is starting to actively apply for jobs.

Stephany added: “The biggest change I’ve experienced with The Prince’s Trust is that my confidence in looking for a job has increased. I’ll also soon be in contact with a Mentor who will work with me to progress and hopefully get a job in Computing. I’d recommend any young person to get in touch with The Prince’s Trust. The experience I’ve had with them has made me feel like I’ve moved closer to achieving my dream.”