Sophie is the owner of a holistic and wellness brand, High Vibe Alignment. Creating her business with support from The Prince's Trust in 2016, she has since proudly become a Prince's Trust Young Ambassador. 

With support from The Trust, Sophie set up ‘High Vibe Crystal Cabin’, selling sustainable ethically sourced crystals from all over the world and creating unique pieces of jewellery with them. 

Together with being a fully trained yoga and meditation teacher, teaching weekly classes, her desire to continuously improve her own mental health and wellbeing is the inspiration behind her business.  

Sophie is deeply passionate about the benefits that can be gained through these practices and feels strongly about the positive impact they can have. One day she hopes to have her own wellness/retreat centre to create a safe and supporting environment for others to enjoy these benefits too. 

Sophie said: "I had no experience of running my own business, that’s what was so great about the support I received from The Prince’s Trust. They guided me through the whole process, from an idea to launching the business. They helped me with my business plan, how to price my items and how best to market my business. My mentor was there to support and encourage me too. Especially when things didn’t quite go to plan.

My confidence grew and I really started to believe I could make my business a success.

"Running my own business has enabled me to share what is important to me with other people. I’ve grown in confidence as a business-woman too. It’s so rewarding!

Having a passion that also enables me to be independent is a dream come true and has spurred me on to develop my business further.  Starting my own business is one of the best things I have ever done!