Sofia Elaloui, 16-years-old from London, didn’t enjoy education and was struggling with one subject in particular. As a joint decision with her school, she decided to enrol onto The Prince’s Trust’s Achieve programme. She is now feeling more confident in herself and her future and has secured a place at College. 

“I didn’t like school and never wanted to go. When my teacher asked if I wanted to start the Achieve programme, I thought I would just give it a try. I feel that it taught me a lot of things that I wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere. We did work on how to prepare of job interviews, what to expect and how to carry ourselves, it was all really helpful.

“We also learned how to set goals and achieve them. I applied this to the grades I wanted to get in each subject and I think the structure was really helpful.

“When I started Achieve, I knew I wanted to go into a job that helped other people, especially children. Achieve helped me to realise that I want to be a social worker and I’m now starting my college course in health and social care in September.

“In school, I used to find asking for help or putting my hand up really hard. I wouldn’t know what to say other than “I don’t get it”.

Now I feel like I can walk into my new college classroom and not only ask questions, but express exactly what I need help with.

I think I could even help others with this, as I used to assume no one wanted my help.

“I’m looking forward to starting my new college course and the journey to becoming a social worker.”