When Shuai, 27, saw an advert for The Prince’s Trust Get into Data Science programme, run in cooperation with West Lothian College, he knew it was a great opportunity to expand his skills and learn something new.

Shuai said: “I came from China in 2017 and graduated from the University of Northampton with a master’s degree in Business Administration last year. After my graduation, I moved to Edinburgh and then lockdown came. I didn't have many friends in the UK, wasn't confident with my English and I felt frustrated about finding a suitable job. My partner helped me contact The Prince’s Trust.”

Shuai used to worry about saying the wrong thing or behaving in the wrong way when communicating in English, and often felt overwhelmed and shy in groups of English speakers. However, during the programme Shuai’s confidence grew and he was able to fully participate in group discussions by asking questions and offering his own perspective.

After excelling on the Get into Data Science programme, Shuai was subsequently offered a place on West Lothian College’s Cyber Security course which he completed. Recently, he has also begun studying for a Google IT Certification through The Prince’s Trust and has secured a part time job.

Shuai said: “With the help of The Trust I studied Data Science to Level 4. Recently I also began to study IT support to receive my Google accreditation and I began a new part-time job. I really like that The Prince’s Trust has given me so many opportunities to study computer science - I would love to learn more in this field.

I have also become more confident than before. I think that I will keep improving myself with the help of The Prince’s Trust, and I am so grateful to every employee and classmate for helping me get through a hard post-pandemic era.