Although she always wanted to get back into work, Shirley knew it wouldn’t be easy finding childcare for her three children and she didn’t know where to start.

The Get into Healthcare programme with The Prince's Trust helped Shirley to realise her potential and she is now keen to pursue a career with the NHS.

Shirley said: “Before the programme with The Prince’s Trust, I was a full-time mum with three children. I had lost my confidence and so I found it difficult to even consider applying for jobs.

“I felt that there were many barriers preventing me from getting back into work including the cost of childcare.

I have always wanted to get back into work, but I just didn’t feel I was able to and kept thinking it was just too much for me, both financially and emotionally.

“I have experience working in nursery and primary schools and have always been interested in a role in healthcare. When I realised that The Prince’s Trust could help me with childcare, one of my main obstacles when trying to find work, I knew that this could be my chance.

“I attended a few engagement days in October before my course began in January 2020. Although I was a bit nervous on the first day, I found the experience really positive and was looking forward to starting my course full-time.

After completing the programme, Shirley was offered and accepted a full-time six-month contract after existing NHS staff were moved into other positions, which meant more roles opened up for the young people at the end of the course.

The programme has changed my life completely. I’ve regained my confidence with all the help and guidance that I’ve received from The Prince’s Trust. My plan now is to apply for a permanent job within the NHS.