Shikesh Sorathia, 24 from Southall, London, suffered emotional and physical abuse as a child. He became a victim of bullying, which led to eating difficulties and serious mental health issues.

Exhausted, hearing voices and constantly depressed, Shikesh felt close to suicide on several occasions before realising he needed help and so, with medical support, he approached The Prince’s Trust Team programme.

During his work placement on the programme, he had the opportunity to design an abuse and safeguarding workshop for The Victoria Climbié Foundation, which gave him a first taste of inspiring and engaging others and was the initial step to him becoming a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust.

Before getting involved with The Prince’s Trust I had a lot of difficulty in trusting others, but I was supported so much to turn things into a positive and it made me realise that I could use my background to help inspire other young people.

Rising to all the opportunities presented to him in the role, Shikesh has attended a variety of events, striking supporters with the stunning and emotional impact of his story, and also becoming involved with tasks such as interviewing staff for the youth charity. Today, he is a confident, tranquil and joyful young man with qualifications in counselling, who is determined to stay empowered via his remarkable story.

It’s been a privilege to get involved as a Young Ambassador and promote the work of The Trust. As an organisation, they help so many people, and so I want to do all I can to spread that message.