I always struggled at school and I failed some important GCSEs, including Maths and English. I wasn’t diagnosed as dyslexic until I was 17. Things kept going from bad to worse. I was forced to leave college and diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality traits.

I had been going through a traumatic time and started finding it harder to deal with new situations. My emotions were out of control at times.

I started living in supported accommodation. The people there advised me to join The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge programme. I was determined to take control of my life, so I agreed to sign up.

I’d always felt like I was on my own before, but The Prince’s Trust helped me see that I wasn’t. I learned a lot of new things and that sense of achievement made me feel like I could get a better life if I tried hard enough.

Achieving on the programme made me feel great. I decided to focus on making a career in Nails and Beauty, but I couldn’t afford the kit. The Prince’s Trust were there to help me again – they gave me a grant to pay for the equipment and the course, and to fund a Maths GCSE evening class.

Now I study Nails and Beauty by day and Maths by night. Life is more stable, and I’m happy and on track for a promising future.

I’m so thankful. Without The Trust I wouldn’t be doing what I am today and my mental health would have deteriorated again. Thank you so much for making these things happen in my life and for giving me a chance – I couldn’t be happier!