Ice skater Shannon, 20, was hospitalised after a cruel attack, that aimed to destroy her career and left her with horrific injuries.

Following a year of mental and physical abuse Shannon was left severely beaten and despairing for her future, Shannon began using prescription drugs and alcohol for comfort, growing isolated and unwilling to accept help.

Shannon says:

I didn’t know how to deal with what had happened. I didn’t even dare to care.

Her mother became her advocate and secured help for her addictions, medication for her depression, and introduced her to a programme called Team to help her regain direction. Team is a 12-week course to build the confidence and employability skills of unemployed young people.

Getting up in the morning was a struggle – and a major side effect from Shannon’s medication  but she felt inspired by Team and enjoyed meeting the other participants.

When Team ended, Shannon enrolled on Get Started with Dance, a Prince’s Trust programme that builds confidence and motivation through dance. It helped her in many ways, but most importantly it prompted her to skate again and reignited her passion for the ice rink. Then, after posting a film of herself skating on Facebook, Shannon was offered an ice-skating performance job in Spain.

Shannon’s passport was out of date and she came close to turning the job down. The Trust stepped in and supported Shannon in securing a Development Award - a grant which helps young people pay for the equipment or training they need to get a job – to pay for a fast-track passport renewal.

Shannon flew out to Spain alone and skated in daily ice-skating shows in front of huge crowds. Her confidence soared and so too did her ambitions. She is now skating her way to success and hopes to land a new skating job in Mexico.

Shannon says:

Every time something bad happened in my life, The Prince’s Trust was there for me. I’m so glad I got introduced to them. I think I’d be in jail or worse if it wasn’t for The Prince’s Trust. I’m more confident and respectful of myself and other people because of them. They’ve changed my life.