Shannon Beecher, 18, from Crystal Palace, South East London, was adopted out of her family home at the age of six. Although she had contact with her birth parents, she felt unwanted and when her birth father died, she began self-harming and became more withdrawn.

Shannon says:

I blamed myself for everything; for being put into care, for being unlovable, for being argumentative and angry towards myself and others.

Dyslexia plagued her chances to succeed academically and when she lost her circle of friends she attended the Mosley Hospital to help her with her anger issues.

It was then that her adopted mother went online to find help and came across our Fairbridge programme, which helps rebuild confidence and motivation in young people.

Despite being sceptical and worrying what people would think, Shannon agreed to give Fairbridge a shot and was pleased she did. She made new friends and regained her confidence.

As part of the programme Shannon gained valuable online skills through a Samsung Digital classroom, which helps young people to learn and make better use of online technology.

Before this Shannon lacked confidence online and used it only to download music. The workshop aided her with newfound digital skills and helped her to land her dream job.

Shannon said:

"The digital workshops were so useful. I learnt so much about computers and how to get the best out of them. It became a lot easier for me to get things done online - I even bought a laptop, which I never would have thought I needed before.

After the digital classes I can do things like sending emails from my phone and searching for jobs online. Learning these new skills was pretty much how I got the job that I am in now. I love animals so I searched online and found Pets At Home. It was an online application, which I was able to complete on my own – something I never would have done before. And I was so happy when I finally got the job!”

“Having the confidence to use the internet in this way is so important. I would say to others that if you’re not sure or confident about using the internet then ask for help and find someone who knows a bit more. If someone can help you learn it really helps in the long run.”

Shannon is now a Young Ambassador  and consistently gives up her own time to give back to The Trust. She continues to inspire people with her story. She recently represented young people's views at the launch of our Digital Skills report via a roundtable discussion at the House of Parliament. She is now in a good place and hopes to volunteer abroad as a marine conservationist.

Without The Prince's Trust I genuinely wouldn't be here today as I was in such a dark place but now I feel like I am a person who is worth something.