“I’ve known I’ve wanted to get into the tech industry for a while but I didn’t have the grades, so I put it on the back burner for a long time.”

After leaving school at 18, Scott spent a whole year searching for jobs but didn’t find any employment. Feeling frustrated, he came to the Trust and took part in the Team programme, a 12-week personal development programme, from September to December 2019.

“There were two big things I got from Team; the first was learning about myself, what my strengths are, and what I want to do. The second was communication, which I wasn’t good at before – I could barely string a sentence together.

“The community project we took part in at a Care home as part of the Team programme made me realise a lot of stuff about myself and what I wanted to do. When I was younger, I never thought I’d work well in a team, but now I don’t mind what kind of job I do and working with other people.”

Scott then took part in Get Into Technology with Amazon Web Services from February to May 2020.

I joined because I didn’t know how to get myself to where I wanted to with my career, and I thought it would be a good head start into the IT industry. It was mostly focused on introductions to different areas of technology and programming languages.

“The course had to switch to online delivery in March because of the pandemic. It was jarring for the first few weeks, but everyone slowly adapted to it.

“I got a lot more confidence from Get Into Technology. Moving to a different kind of work than I was looking at before, I needed to keep giving myself more experience like this.”

Scott has been looking for employment since the May, and has faced several challenges when it comes to getting a job.

“The pandemic has made it hard for me to feel motivated because you don’t have much contact with other people, so you don’t have the usual feedback loop when you’re just applying for jobs online.

"There are less jobs then what there were before the pandemic and while the number is slowly increasing it will take a while before it is back to normal.”

Scott’s advice to other young people struggling to find employment during the pandemic is to keep carrying on and try to one up your own achievements.

“I can be quite a sceptical person, so I would say to other young people who are feeling negative, that if you apply to a job or try a course like Get Into Technology with The Prince’s Trust, what’s the worst that can happen?”

Scott is beginning an apprenticeship with ANS, a cloud services provider. He started in October as a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician.