Sarah from Dundee has never had a full-time job and has spent her time since completing college looking for work or other opportunities to fill her time.

After a positive experience doing the Team programme, she was pleased when her work coach at the job centre referred her back to The Trust.

Initially interested in completing a retail course, Sarah began to feel anxious and realised she wasn’t ready to do the programme as it was pushing her out of her comfort zone too much.

Working with her keyworker at The Trust, they decided to focus on personal development sessions to become more work ready and build her confidence.

Within five months of online sessions, Sarah had significantly grown in many ways. At the beginning, she was shy, anxious, and quiet, with no idea what her overall goals were in life. Committed to working on these, she built her confidence throughout the sessions, worked with others, and set herself short- and long-term goals and expectations, to which she would like to achieve. She then moved onto employability sessions and worked alongside a volunteer to work on her CV.

Now, Sarah feels she has the tools and confidence to meet her end goal of finding a full-time job.

I’m now working with my work coach at the job centre and hopefully I will secure a position through the Kickstart scheme. I feel much more confident and ready thanks to my time at The Prince’s Trust and although I’m unsure what particular job I want long-term, I’m hoping to get my first role so I can then explore my options in future.