After attending a Get Hired day in 2014, Saffia Derdeb was hired by Creative United, a business providing financial products which help to grow cultural and creative industries in the UK and make the arts accessible to all.

After leaving university in 2014 with a languages degree, Saffia wasn’t sure what her next step would be.

I was unemployed and looking for work but I kept being told that I needed experience. It was very frustrating and I felt lost, with nobody to turn to.

The Job Centre introduced her to us and she embarked on a Get into Administration course. As the programme included work experience, after completion of the course, Saffia was invited to one of our Get Hired days, sponsored by Standard Life.

“The day itself was a bit intimidating,” she remembers, "I had no interview experience, but we were given a great interview skills workshop in the morning and I felt ready to give it a go. In the afternoon we listened to the presentations, then chose which of the businesses we wanted to interview for. I was drawn to Creative United because I wanted to work for a not-for-profit and what they do sounded interesting."

Businesses who come to Get Hired days are aware that the young people being supported by us don’t necessarily have much experience, so they are encouraged to look more closely at the young person’s skills and potential.

It felt like they were really trying to get to know me and that felt good – I had something to say and was able to talk about myself and what I could offer them.

After the day Saffia was given feedback from all her interviews and supported to follow up the ones where she’d been offered a second interview. In December 2014, Saffia took on the role as a Marketing and Communications Assistant and has recently been promoted to Marketing and Communications Manager for Creative United.

"I’ve grown with the company," says Saffia. “It’s been a great opportunity that I wouldn’t have had without The Prince’s Trust and the Get Hired day. It’s a fantastic way to meet employers who aren’t just looking for the same type of employees and are looking at your talents more than your CV.”

Tosin Adeniji, Head of Marketing and Communications at Creative United has seen the positive benefits of working with The Trust and the organisation has hired three young people through Get Hired.

It’s a great way to meet young talent which can potentially be part of your company for a long time. When you go through a recruiter or more traditional routes you’re forced to judge people on their CV. Get Hired allows businesses to meet fantastic young people with lots of potential, in a more informal setting, and then nurture their talent.