After being out of work for a while Ryan White, 23 from Antrim, was relieved to be offered a role in a company he used to work for. However on the afternoon of his first day in March he was told by the HR department that the job was no longer going ahead due to the coronavirus crisis.

Just before being offered the job Ryan had taken part in a two week Get Into Security programme with The Prince’s Trust. The programme is a training course for young people aged 18-30 who are interested in a career in security and they get their SIA licence as part of it.

“I had taken part in the Get into Security programme early this year and was looking forward to getting my SIA licence through, but I knew it might take a while so I was really pleased to be offered a job in the meantime. I was gutted when they said that it wasn’t going to go ahead because of the situation with coronavirus which meant I’d have to stay on Universal Credit.”

Ryan kept in touch with The Prince’s Trust throughout lockdown and his youth support worker continued to offer support and advice.

“The Prince’s Trust have been great, they kept checking in on me and supporting me to find work. My SIA licence came through recently meaning that I could start work, I was lucky to find a job on a Saturday night and start the next Monday!

“I’m now working as a security guard across different building sites. My role includes taking peoples temperatures when they arrive for work and generally keeping an eye on things. I’m working full time hours and even offering to do overtime sometimes as I’m so pleased to be working again.

“Being out of work is hard on your mental health. The fact that I am in a routine now and getting up to go somewhere everyday has been great for my own mental health. I’m really grateful to The Prince’s Trust for their support, they got me out of a deep hole in life.”